On this tour, come along with us as we explore the famous tourist destination “Asakusa,” all while wearing bright, beautiful Japanese kimono!

Help with dressing in the kimono, a single hair style, and beautiful hair accessories are all included. On the day of the tour, just come as you are, no need to bring anything yourself! You can enjoy a true-to-life kimono experience with us. Once you’ve picked out and changed into your preferred kimono and hair style, come along with our guides to wander through the streets of Asakusa, tasting traditional Japanese sweets, and of course, taking plenty of photos with the traditional and incredibly scenic backgrounds found in the area. In addition to  over 500 kimono to choose from at the shop, we can prepare larger options if so desired.

Tour Description 


Everyday *Preorder 

11:00 am, 3:00 pm




13,000 jpy/per person

*Single-person tourist is not available

Includes Kimono dressing (about 30-40 mins),Walk around town (about 90 mins), and clothes changing at the end of the tour (about 10 mins).

** Kimono change time (including the time it takes to choose a kimono) can and will be slightly flexible. 

Live Guide 

English, Español,Japanese


•A kimono set and help in dressing.

* Traditional Japanese “Zori” sandals and Japanese-style split toe socks for wandering outside are included

* Though we have the usual sizes prepared already, if for any items you want or need something atypical, we request you tell us before your tour so we can confirm availability beforehand (for example, if you need socks larger than a size 30 cm, etc.) There may be occasions where we cannot provide every item.

Hair styling (You can request a simple, yet elegant style.)

A hair ornament (There’s a selection of pieces you can borrow to choose from at the shop.)

A small, Japanese-fabric patterned bag to go with your kimono and hold your things while you enjoy the tour.

The guide fee

Not Included

Make-up(There isn’t a powder room at the Kimono rental shop)

•Various personal expenses during the tour (For example, food expenses like snacks and drinks as you walk through the city, any other erroneous expenses.)

•Any separate entrance fees (There are different museums and such that require entrance fees; we can neither provide this money, nor can we guide you through these attractions.)

★Regarding How To Pay

We accept online payment via PayPal. Payment information and invoice will be sent to you by email. 

◎Start Location

The front of "Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center"


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