Nihonshu & Food walking Tours

Appetizing Tokyo

As a world cultural heritage, Japanese food is: delicious, full of volume, and affordable! Let’s go on a food walking tour in Nipponbashi! We bring you to famous and unexpected shops, some even not well known to Japanese people, each carefully selected by AKIBALAND. Experience Japanese culture with your eyes and mouth!

※The photos are sample image.

Tour Description

Please reserve in advance.

Reserve a tour from the pre-reserve form below.



 Everyday *Preorder 

 11:00 am, 6:00 pm




 4,000 jpy/per person

*Please request it separately if you'd like to the Private tour.

Live Guide 

 English, and Español


 Guide fee

Not Included 

 Transportation, Reataurants, Café and more food cost of all.

Start Location

Please meet the front of "COREDO Nihonbashi" Bld.

Near by Nihonbashi Station, Electric Town Exit.

I'd like to ask you to arrive 10 min, before the tour starts.

*Our Guide will wearing a brightly colored maid costume.


Please refer to the MAP as below.



 The shops that will be visited are described on the reservation page. Please list 3 stores you’d like to visit in advance.

However, if you participate in a group tour, we will not be able to respond to your request, so please understand in advance. ※Requests are for reference only.

Group tours will meet and end at the location together. 

Group tours will not be held with less than 2 people. 

The destinations will be decided on the day.

The course may be changed even with a little rain. 

In the case of stormy or bad weather, we will make a judgement on cancellation on the morning of the tour, and will contact the participants by email. Depending on the weather of the day, the tour may be cancelled.

We (the executing company) are not responsible for any accidents or injuries sustained during a tour. We recommend all guests to consider travel insurance whilst travelling in Japan. 

Conditions of entry

Following are important points that are common to both the Joint Tour and Private Tour. 

★If you have allergies please be sure to inform us in advance. In some cases, you may not be able to participate in a tour.

★In circumstances such as elderly participants, children, for wheelchairs etc, please inform us beforehand. 


”An additional explanation for Joint tour participants”

For Joint tour, infants are not allowed. 

All participants must be able to walk at a reasonable speed. So,We recommend that you choose the private tour.

On the day

・Please wear shoes and clothing that are easy to walk in.

・In summer, please take proper precautions to prevent heat stroke, such as cool drinks and proper clothing (hats). 

In winter, it can get very cold, so please take proper precautions against the cold weather.

・The end time of the tour may vary slightly.

・You may leave before the end of the tour, but you cannot transfer or be refunded。

・Depending on the day, certain menu items in some cafes/restaurants may not be offered; please note.

・Please fill in our questionnaire and give us valuable feedback.

Pre-Reserve form

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